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All knowledge is temporary

Karl Popper

So, it seems are some systems. Does anyone remember Prezi?

Prezi is a visual storytelling software which, for about 4 years, was really popular. You couldn’t help to wander into places where every presentation was using it. I was never a fan though – it made me feel seasick (and still does!) and found the animations too distracting.

Now? I don’t recall the last time I saw someone use it.

It’s the same with plenty of solutions which are derived through learning technologies. We see applications fall by the wayside and become, in some cases, legacy technology which people have to work around.

It’s easy to say buy better, but you have to be able to make sense of the technology you have, what people use, and how to get the best from it. We’re still digitally illiterate in many parts of L&D and we need to make our knowledge less temporary if we want to work with vendors to make systems work.

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