You’re not a transformer

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I enjoy reading Paul Jocelyn‘s posts – he posts regularly and presents a different view of things learning and development related. I regularly find myself nodding along to what he’s written and his post ‘Why ‘Learning Transformation’ is a tiny, niche category’ was no different.

Paul neatly identifies the common issue for many people in L&D:

What (most) people in L&D want to do is (just) do what they are already doing and for it to work better. (If that was going to work differently, it would have already).

Paul Jocelyn

How to make things work more efficiently isn’t really transformation.

But (you knew it was coming), hat change might be transformative. For example, digitising some content might swing the pendulum towards a digital first approach. If a F2F course is broken down into smaller elements, some physical, some virtual, it may be transformative for the organisation.

As I said the other week when I mentioned articles being published online, just because something seems simple to you, doesn’t mean it’s not earth shattering for someone else.

Don’t be afraid to call something transformative if it has a cultural impact on your organisation, team, or (even) you.

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