Do you have to be a ‘coach’ to be a great leader?

Two women in a grand room, sitting opposite each other in easy chairs, having a conversation.
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Another #IWD2023 post, this time by Donna Ward-Higgs from Learning Partner Solutions.

Daniel Goleman identified coaching as a core competence of EQ within the domain of relationship management. The ability to build rapport, listen deeply and actively, and ask curious questions to unlock internal insight are important elements of being effective in leading others well.

Seems simple, right?

No. It takes time, effort and energy to develop these skills to a standard whereby you can get the best out of your people AND keep your ego out of the way! Putting in the work will pay dividends though.

Creating the conditions in which your team feel able and willing to do their thinking out loud with you helps to tap into the core conditions of motivation Dan Pink identified in his book ‘Drive’; autonomy, mastery and purpose.

  • Help your people identify where they have choices and what they can control.
  • Support your team to identify their strengths, passions and interests and nurture them as they develop them further.
  • Encourage your staff to explore and connect to what matters most for them and you will have an engaged and inspired workforce doing their best work.

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