International Women’s Day – tokenism or a step towards inclusion?

An out of focus  man in a blue sweater holding up a car wash token.
Photo by Roman Tymochko on

Here’s another #IWD2023 post. This is by Rachel Gibbs from Merities Consulting

IWD has its roots in the early 1900s within the USA socialist movement and also in Europe, concentrating on women’s suffrage. It’s fair to say that significant global progress has been made since then.

In the mid-1960s, the day was adopted by the UN and has gained wider momentum in the last decade or so with significant recognition through social media and corporate activities. Broader topics of equity and equal inclusion are leading the charge now, supported by significant national legislative support in many instances.

Some might argue that IWD is tokenism but every time a disparity is highlighted, every time unfairness is demonstrated; each occasion raises awareness. And awareness brings change.

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