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Another #IWD2023 post, this time by Natalie Ann Holborow from Thinqi.

I recently read a news article which told women they weren’t exercising enough.

You can tell women that exercise is good for their mental and physical health all you want. But as a female runner, this is my reality:

  • Changing my Strava route regularly to avoid the same people harassing me at the same time each day
  • Feeling at risk in winter if I want to train when it’s dark before/after work
  • Keeping my keys wedged between my fingers when I run
  • Wearing leggings instead of shorts on a hot day because of harassment

If your wellbeing advice tells women they need to exercise more, what are you doing to ensure they can do it safely?

One thought on “Running

  1. This is a great observation, and I hear you. And I’m sure similar could be applied to some workplaces in terms of diversity and inclusion – if you’re telling certain groups or people to step up, what measures are you putting in place to make sure they can do it safely? Or more fundamentally, are you actually aware, from a position of privilege, what “safely” looks like for those groups or people?


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