I like to try and disrupt where I spot an opportunity. Not for its own sake but to find better, cheaper, quicker, kinder, etc.

One thing I’ve been keen to do is to find ways to disrupt the way learning and development people get into the profession and start their early years. There is a lot spoken about how people fall into L&D and that is brilliant; we need people who have an affinity for helping others to develop. What this also means is people fall into the habits, processes, and legends which L&D loves to hang onto. Learning styles anyone?

I spotted an opportunity to disrupt this with Rachel Burnham. We’ve known each other for over 10 years and have come together to disrupt this space a bit.

You may know that Rachel does Sketchnoting. Sketchnotes make use of a combination of words & simple pictures to make memorable notes. They’re smart short notes which can be used as a useful summary resource in learning. I do podcasts – I may have mentioned it a few times.

Rachel and I have put these skills together to develop the Not Just A Podcast Podcast. It is, as it says, more than a podcast. It is a podcast with a Sketchnote and the content and topics are designed to help people in L&D to be better. Rather than make it a traditional course it’s a low cost way to get access to mine and Rachel’s thinking on the topics which we’re asked about.

Episodes will be released every couple of weeks for 3 months – 6 in all – and will be accompanied by a Sketchnote.

And they WILL be low cost. We’re offering these to people for about £5 a month ($7 US). We also recognise people want to join in; podcasts can be binary and one-way, so we’re offering a premium tier which includes the podcasts and access to a live event for about £12 a month ($15 US). Some people will want to ask Rachel and I questions about the different parts of what we do and may well want that to be private. To support this we’re offering a VIP level of access which will also give you a one to one with either Rachel or me after the podcasts have finished. These are on offer for about £20 per month ($25).

If you subscribe at the highest level it’s about £60 in total.

The middle tier is about £36 in total.

The bottom tier is about £15 in total.

The topics we’re covering are:

  • How your job is changing
  • Learning technology which isn’t your LMS
  • Reframing learning design
  • How learning works in your organisation
  • Knowing what impact you have
  • Communities and mentoring to develop your career

It’s easy as anything to sign up – simply go to Patreon, select which level and wait for the first episode to drop in April.

If you want to hear more, there’s a 16 minute preview available on Patreon which was published on 15th March.

Both Rachel and I are trying out something new here. Want to jump on and come along for the ride?

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