How to not do marketing

Black spray painted unhappy smiley face on a white wall.
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I signed up for a webinar about podcasting in February. It was OK but didn’t get much from it that I didn’t already know so left after about halfway.

Since then I have had 29 emails from the organiser. It might go a day without an email and then follow up with 3 the next day. Most emails are telling me that something is ending soon and I need to get on it before it disappears. Except for the emails introducing the thing which is going to be disappearing.

Don’t do this.

Aside from being ineffective – all the emails get shunted into a folder where they get deleted – it damages your brand beyond belief. I won’t be signing up to your programme and will quite happily tell people to avoid you. I won’t name you here because, well, it doesn’t do me any favours.

Be better.

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