Doing it

Desk with a laptop, coffee cip and a few items on it, next to a white painted wall with a window. Next to the desk is an empty chair.
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I’ve had the opportunity in the last couple of weeks to do what I thought I’d be doing when I set up as an independent consultant, namely delivering ‘stuff’.

I’d forgotten the fun of sharing, connecting and seeing people make sense of ideas in their own context. When we do these things well we have the opportunity to create something which is memorable and effective for a wide group of people.

They’re engaging participants, all present in the room, and exclusively online.

We’re in a different place now from where we were a few years ago. We’ve moved beyond sage on a stage to a facilitative aproach where the knowledge in the room outweighs the knowledge of the ‘trainer’. We’ve also moved on from the requirement to be in the same physical space and being in an online space is, for many people, perfectly satisfactory.

These sessions were part of a bigger programme and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop. I’ll be reporting back over the next few months.

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