LinkedIn isn’t

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LinkedIn isn’t Facebook.

Twitter isn’t Instagram.

TikTok isn’t YouTube

YouTube isn’t LinkedIn

I’ve noticed that noise is getting louder in each of these platforms and trying to find the signal is even harder. If you’re going to fill up your LinkedIn feed with personal stories, I will stop following you. If LinkedIn becomes the place you post updates and photos with ‘hashtag blessed’ on them I will stop following you.

I was lucky to be chatting with Neil Usher the other day and we talked about the idea of authentic self at work. I think the authentic self at work idea is horrendous; I want to see people’s authentic PROFESSIONAL self. I know what I can be like and you really don’t need me to be bringing the ‘real’ me to the workplace.

I know the lines are blurring between platforms and content, but you will create further issues for yourself if you are totally honest, AND on the least relevant platform.

2 thoughts on “LinkedIn isn’t

  1. Can you say this louder for those in the back?

    LinkedIn in particular is becoming “messy”. It’s not that I don’t care about your personal experiences or life, it’s that this isn’t the platform for sharing cat pictures.

    Maybe it’s an old school notion to want to segment my online experiences, a place for professional development and a place(s) for everything else.


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