Idea factory

So, on top of the small victory this week, I had a bigger win later in the week.  We’re building our learning calendar for the year and I’ve been banging on about user generated content and peer to peer learning for so long I guess my team (all 1 of them) are getting sick of it.

I was really pleased earlier in the week when I was sent an email from them asking me to look at an external site where people could share their skills.  It was an OK site; there was a lot of participant shouting involved trying to sell what they could do.  However, the germ of the idea was there.  So I mentioned it would be more useful if we could get something like it on our elearning platform and left it at that.

3 days passed and they called me over on Friday to have a look at a tagcloud they’ve managed to get built.  Our learners will be able to add their skills, other users will be able to identify a skill, and immediately find other users who have advertised that they have that skill.

I’m pleased on a few levels:


My team member did this themselves.  I didn’t prompt it, chase it, request it.  It was self-directed by them and the learning was the work.  They’ve learnt how to make it happen.


The speed that they created this beautifully simple piece of work was 4 days from inception to completion.  The actual work time was less than that; the time they took was in the reflection of how to make it work and, as a result, their build time was very short.


They had the basis of the idea and worked with our provider to make it happen.  I don’t know if this was new to our provider but we’ve now created something that they can pass on to other LAs if they want to take it forward.

There’s still more work to do; we need to encourage users to add their skills, we need to clean up the tag cloud so it’s easily read, we need to decide on the balance between work based and personal skills.  Having said that though, it could save us a lot of time and will entirely support our leaner driven approach.

I’m happy.  If you can think about how we can use this further than how I’ve mentioned above please leave a comment in the box below.  Remember, sharing is caring.

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