Learning’s a funny thing

Image from FlickR Courtesy of Malingering

Image from FlickR Courtesy of Malingering

How many trainers does it take to change a lightbulb?
3 – one to tell you what to do, one to demonstrate it, one to evaluate it afterwards.

What do you call an auditory/visual learner?
Anything you like, they’re not kinsthetic so won’t feel it anyway.

Why did the trainee cross the road?

  • To avoid another 63 slide Powerpoint presentation with 40 slides of bullet points that look like this, including text that doesn’t need to be there, turning the entire Powerpoint slideshow into a presentation and effectively a script of what the speaker wants to say but doesn’t have the confidence to leave off of a slide.  And the text is too small.

What do you get if you cross a happy sheet with a learner?
You think you get evidence for demonstrating ROI and spending more budget.  What you really get is a completed happy sheet.

What did one ex-trainer say to the other ex-trainer?
You’ve got no class.

Heard any funnies about learning?

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