5 most popular posts this year

Image from FlickR Courtesy of  namuit

Image from FlickR Courtesy of namuit

Compared to 2011 when I didn’t seem to have much to write about, this year’s been a lot busier on the blog.  Listed below are the 5 posts that have attracted most views on the site.

Easy as ABC

In November I expressed my concerns again about the desire to measure everything we do in L&D.

If everyone’s here we’ll start

The most commented blog ever on my site as people in L&D seemed to recognise their profession.

Train the what?

Why do we insist on train the trainer courses when we call ourselves L&D?

Does it have to be like this?

The first of a series that explained why we’re looking at new ways of working.

Reflecting on a presentation

It seems that the audience at the presentation in the title wanted to read about what we thought of them.

Which were your favourites from 2012? What would you like to read about here in 2013?  Let me know via the comments box.

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