Ice Ice Baby…

Image from FlickR Courtesy of  familymwr
Image from FlickR Courtesy of familymwr

Hi everyone, and welcome to the blog in 2013. Before we start, I’ve a couple of announcements to make and then we can get on with the raffle and the free bar.

Firstly, thanks for reading and contributing to this blog, particularly over the last 4 or 5 months – it’s been a real blast and I’m incredibly humbled by the response to it.

Secondly, I’m making no promises about writing anything differently from the last few months.  You’re going to get the same mix of random ramblings and vaguely interesting ideas.

I had a great earworm the other day; I was continuously reciting the  ‘Day day day, Um, Da da da da da da, OK’  part from Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen.  Aside from annoying my family to beyond distraction on a 3 hour car journey, I couldn’t work out where it had come from.  I wasn’t under pressure in any form and hadn’t heard the song in ages.  I realised it was from another song a week before.

The previous week had been the 2012 Lambeth HR OD team Christmas karaoke party.  It was the best work event I’ve ever been to; everyone got into the mood, everyone sang, everyone had a good time.  There are many abiding memories – a group of men with their hands in the air singing ‘I’m Every Woman’ is one I’m trying to forget – but one that stuck was the Vanilla Ice classic.

He’s never said much of value excepting the 3 words I’m going to use whenever someone comes up to me in 2013.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

So when you get in touch with me to ask about how I can help you, be aware that I’ll firstly…


I’m not going to answer immediately, I’m going to stop myself jumping to a quick solution. I want to provide less.


Any chance I get I’ll be looking to see how I can connect you with other people to help you. I want to connect you.


I ‘m going to spend more time taking in what you’re saying before I answer you.  My silence is me reflecting on what you say.

They’re my 3 words for 2013 – what are yours? Let me know in the comments or via my Twitter what your #3wordsin2013 are going to be.

4 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby…

  1. Interesting, mine is a very similar theme. Not three words, but much the same idea:

    “Get more done by slowing down”. I am trying to turn it into some sort of mantra, and find myself saying it out loud when I know I am rushing. It seems to be working. At least I can still remember the words, 2 weeks in! Perhaps I should put it to music.

    Happy 2013.


  2. For some reason when I’m trying to come up with blog ideas I always start thinking of hip hop lyrics, so this struck a chord with me (although calling Vanilla Ice Hip Hop, is not cool). I’ve got two three word mantras that I’m sticking to in 2013:
    “no more elearning” (you know the sort I mean)
    “make it happen” (whatever it is)


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