Learning is like…

Photo Credit: cobalt123 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: cobalt123 via Compfight cc

Is it me or is there an excessive use of similes in training? My current favourite, following this good piece by Mark Sheppard, is to find the ‘learning is like…’ examples on the web.

A quick search found that learning is like:

Babysitting – “it interrupts what you are doing and tosses toys at you and needs to be fed”

Food – “ingest it and it will enrich the whole human being

An acquired art – “…a piece of artwork, painted in various stages. Where does one have to start or finish?”

Mountain climbing – “You really need to work on your skills on steeper parts of the mountain or you will never become a better climber.”

Bridge – we cannot simply begin at some arbitrary point in the hopes that when we finally arrive at our destination the student will still be there waiting for us

So, what else can learning be like?  Your challenge (if you wish to accept it) is to explain how learning is like the following:

  • Eggs
  • Eating sweets
  • Parachuting
  • Taking a London tube journey
  • Fell walking
  • Watching television

Leave a comment with your explanation and no prize but a lot of kudos to anyone who fancies having a go.

3 thoughts on “Learning is like…

  1. Craig Taylor can verify this, but…

    “Learning is like parachuting: you have to take a leap, the view can be incredible, you need to ensure that you’re able to react to sudden changes, the impact is inevitable, and there’s still work to do once you land.”


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