Video killed the radio star…

Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin via Compfight cc

In 1979, long before he over-produced Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s debut, the Buggles Trevor Horn summed what would happen to the music industry. A quick sweep of the charts and failed X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent wannabees are all trying to get a slice of your disposable income.

I never was a radio star but if you’re coming to Learning Live on 12 September then you may want to watch this video…

Details of my session at Learning Live can be found on the conference website.

If you want to talk about my session before the event, my recent blog post about the real world is the place for your comments, questions and queries.

Cinema critics can leave a comment below; if you want me I’ll be in my trailer.

3 thoughts on “Video killed the radio star…

  1. Thanks Andrew. Quick suggestion: could you include a link to Learning Live, as somehow it has escaped my notice and it would save me and others having to poke around to find it, On the basis of your video I would attend your session, so that is some feedback you may find helpful!




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