Why don’t you slide…

Photo Credit: MrUllmi via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: MrUllmi via Compfight cc

The track called Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls was one of the first tunes that my son learnt to play on the guitar. He found a set of guitar tabs (pictorial representations of the chords) and taught himself. If someone hadn’t put the tabs online he’d not have learnt it. Now you can watch people playing the song via You Tube to teach you the song.

You’re probably getting fed up of me talking about this but, as I mentioned previously, I’m speaking at Learning Live next week.  The session is in the Real World stream and is designed to help you to understand you can innovate your offer by hearing about the story of how we’ve fundamentally changed what we do.

There are many strands to what we have changed; you’ll have seen the video I created to introduce the session. If you come to the session you’ll hear how we rely on peer to peer support with interventions through briefings, webinars and action learning. Another core part of what we’re doing is making all our learning resources and content available to all, allowing people to curate their own needs. A bit like people producing their own tabs and videos to play songs.

So, in the essence of what we’re doing in the workplace, the slide deck is below.

Does seeing what I’m going to be covering change what you’re thinking about the session? Does any part of the presentation resonate with you beforehand? What else do you need to know before attending? Are you tempted to want to learn more?

Let me know via the comments box below and I look forward to meeting with you next week.

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