In the real world

Photo Credit: scott1723 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: scott1723 via Compfight cc

We face budget issues.

We’re expected to be innovative.

We work in changing environments.

We have to deliver to and for the business.

We are tasked with creating simple solutions to complex problems.

We translate strategies into actions.

On 12th September I’m speaking at Learning Live in London about how to innovate your learning offer.  It is part of the ‘Real World’ stream and I’ve been invited to discuss the pressures above and how we’ve come up with a truly innovative way to deliver corporate learning activity.

I have prepared the session but I want it to be more than a ‘show and tell’ about what we’ve done though; I’d like to take the time out beforehand to find out a little about why people want to come to the session.

If you’re attending, thinking about it, or can’t make it, leave a question in the comments box below.  Ask me anything that you’d like to see discussed. Is evaluation causing you difficulties? Are you integrating technology effectively? Are you being asked to provide less for more?

Let me know your queries in the box below.

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