What can you achieve in 40 days?

Photo Credit: duncan via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: duncan via Compfight cc


8 weeks ago today I facilitated a session at Learning Live about the 50 big ideas I wrote about earlier in the year, It was a different session, participative and creative with outputs which, over a 5 week period, I’ve shared on this blog. Each post in the previous 5 weeks listed the ideas the groups came up with, alongside a small comment from me.

Today’s post aggregates the content from the previous posts – below you’ll find 49 little ideas which the participants curated in the session in 20 minutes. These are 49 little ideas which you can change in your practice as a L&D professional to be more relevant, aligned, and business focused.

Some of the ideas are a challenge to your processes; you can change the way your function works by the way you adopt and use systems.

Some of the ideas are a challenge to your relationships; you can change the way you work with people in your business.

Some of the ideas are a challenge to your thinking; you can change your thinking, attitude, and your way of behaving.

  1. Use the intranet to host (internal only)
  2. Pay expertise for design rather than for intellectual property
  3. Easy to discover through well designed search engine
  4. Open up resources to the outside world (even limited numbers)
  5. Discussion Forums
  6. Profile staff
  7. Act like an ‘internal publisher’
  8. Open source platform development and content
  9. Define your audience
  10. Ensure accessibility
  11. Simplify
  12. Profiles readily available
  13. Cameras and reductive technology
  14. Simulation/park the recurring
  15. What are experts learning?
  16. Horizon scanning
  17. Talent Management
  18. Maintain enthusiasm
  19. Ball in your court
  20. Make comms more visual – pictures
  21. Practical examples – to explain the theory
  22. Remove jargon, review materials
  23. Change language
  24. Facilitate learning not instructor led
  25. Coaching – knowledge and skills in the room
  26. Involve users in creating learning
  27. Everyday language, not educational
  28. Buzzword bingo
  29. Swearbox
  30. Enable easy access to experts
  31. Survey staff on the good performance support
  32. Measure performance well
  33. Get people to set our targets
  34. Performance focus not activity
  35. Social learning – using each other
  36. Just in time – easily accessible when needed
  37. Make it voluntary
  38. Ask people what great performance means to them
  39. Make it clear
  40. People say “how” they want to learn
  41. Provide examples/information about how people can learn outside work
  42. Encourage trust and ownership of learning
  43. Provide examples
  44. Tools/ Ideas/ Concepts so that they can then build
  45. Have conversations
  46. Provide outlines
  47. Toolset
  48. Culture
  49. Me!

Some make sense on their own, some you need to go back and re-read their context.

This post celebrates the fact it’s been 40 working days on from the session.  I did say in the session that I’d hope people would take the ideas forward. So, in that time, which of the 49 ideas above have you started?  What has worked, what needs more work? Or maybe you haven’t started yet – when will you be taking some of these ideas forward?

Let me know in the comments.

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