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Photo Credit: somatic-studios via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: somatic-studios via Compfight cc

I’ve never watched the Sopranos. I’m not a big TV watcher and by the time people told me it was worth watching I’d missed too many series to catch up. The Wire? Breaking Bad?

I’ve never seen Frozen – the Disney film. I don’t have pre-teen children (or grand children) so it seems as if it’s skipped my generation of parents, for now at least. It seems to be popular though – a quick look at the tens of thousands of items of merchandise suggests it’s a ‘seller’.

I couldn’t hum a One Direction song to you. I know they were a TV manufactured band but wouldn’t have a clue if you asked me to sing one of their karaoke classics. They seem popular – thy’re always in the most popular hashtags on Twitter.

Who won the X Factor this year, last year, the year before? I don’t know as I haven’t ever seen more than 3 minutes of it. In total. Ever.

I try and keep up with film but seem to have missed the Grand Budapest Hotel. I know I need to see it – it’s been nominated for awards.

Apparently Eastenders and Coronation Street are still watched by millions of people and win awards at television awards shows. Which seems a little anachronistic.

We pick and choose the areas of pop culture that we’re interested in. The same applies to our work activity. I’m at Learning Technologies next week along with thousands of other people. It’s a brilliant opportunity to help people who don’t have an awareness/knowledge/experience of the current pop culture in Learning and Development. Things like:

  • 70:20:10
  • Occulus Rift
  • MOOCs
  • Open Badges
  • xAPI
  • Twitter
  • Enterprise Social Networks
  • etc

If you know about these areas, take time to help people understand why they’re important and I’ll see you there next week.


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