Don’t believe the hype – its a sequel

Image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

I wrote last time about pop culture referring to some of the popular ideas in L&D that people may experience at Learning Technologies (LT). I ended the post with the plea to:

…take time to help people understand

One challenge is to balance interest with ‘evangelism’ for concepts, models and products. That’s why I was more than pleased to be invited by Ben Betts  to speak as part of a Room 101 event at LT. This post is being published as I’m speaking.

My suggestion for Learning Technology Room 101 is hype. If you don’t know what I mean, here’s an example of a learning technology…would you buy it?

  • It’s mobile – able to work anywhere. And we mean anywhere!
  • It’s social – it will connect your employees like no other technology!
  • It works as effectively offline as online!
  • It deploys in seconds and is so intuitive, your employees will need almost no instruction!
  • It’s cheap and requires almost no maintenance!
  • It’s upgradable in moments with a huge range of options!
  • It’s easily customisable with simple design cues and the ability to suit your brand!
  • It could change the way you design your learning forever!

The technology?

A pencil of course.

My later session today is about rethinking and reforming your learning function on a minimal budget. There are lots of new and shiny technologies around and just as many people suggesting different ways to use them and the previous generations of technology that we have. I keep being told about innovations which aren’t – they’re re-inventions. They’re called innovation but that requires execution; my later session will explain how creative concepts, executed in a different context, are true innovation.

As Chuck D says in the seminal Public Enemy song:

Caught you lookin’ for the same thing
It’s a new thing check out this I bring

Keep the tune in mind as people help you understand what’s popular and ask yourself, is this innovation or re-invention?

Comments, as always, very welcome.

One thought on “Don’t believe the hype – its a sequel

  1. Good points! It’s always a fine balance between shows that seek to inform and provide collaborative learning and “the sales” tendency! I was kindly invited to do a bit with Brightwave on where L&D is heading and had a funny and profound reflective moment – I was talking about potential use of Smartphones in learning and held mine up in same hand as my reading specs! Charles Gould remarked which technology I was referring to as important! Phone or specs? 😀 You know what … tech (phone) without genuine accessibility (specs) is always going to have limited success and be a hype … if you hear me …


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