Aware Beware


I’m currently speaking at the CIPD London Student Conference 2016 in a session about the new role of L&D professionals. The content of my session is very much drawn from the content on this blog.

I’m talking about disruption in the way that L&D needs to support the new workforce, why we still need to rely on formal face to face sometimes but not like these, and the value of the 52 minutes principle of learning support design. The purpose of my session isn’t to educate the participants; there are many more intelligent, influential and informed speakers than I to do that. I see my role as someone to force open the crack a little, by perpetuating the messages about how L&D needs to change, to show the opportunity that might be enabled and help people work out for themselves ways they might adopt a new practice.

This is why I was pleased with the comments to my last blog post. If you haven’t read it, it’s a very short and sweet post – go and have a read of it now. What pleased me was the response; I seemed to have provided an itch that L&D wanted to scratch. The comments are diverse, intelligent and move the debate on. I’ll be looking at them in more detail over the next few blog posts because I think there’s some cracking thought in there which needs amplification.

I was interested in one comment; a person works in HR but hadn’t heard of MOOCs and it was suggested they Google them. Offline, I spoke to the person who posted the comment and we discussed the idea that it’s not especially easy to Google something that you’ve not heard of before.

This is part of the base challenge for transforming workplace L&D; how can people who haven’t heard of new ways of working and learning become aware of different approaches, ideas and tactics? I’m flattered that people read this blog and share the ideas.

But people reading this blog have already taken a step, however tentative, into a space where there is more to investigate. They have an awareness that there’s ‘something different’ out there. This is why I’m pleased to be speaking today; to further demonstrate how the something different can be developed and maybe, just maybe, helping to open those cracks a little.

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