I completed my 100th parkrun last weekend. Over the course of a couple of years, I’ve run a little over 310 miles at parkrun, almost all at Walthamstow.

I’ve made some great friends who have inspired me to run longer distances, I’ve engaged with experts who have taught me how to run better, and I’ve been able to share that knowledge with the next cohort of people behind me.

I’ve a sense of self-worth and achievement; my times are logged each week so I can compare my performance on an ongoing basis and as you complete more runs, you get a different colour T-shirt as a badge of honour to recognise your commitment.

It’s gamified performance measurement which relies on almost no formal instruction. The social element is a key element in its success and it rewards individual effort. It’s run by volunteers with self-organising groups.

What might our leaning function be like if we managed it like this?

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