I don’t like cricket, oh no…

I wonder how many people completed the title of this post with “I love it”?  I was on the way to work the other day and saw a story about the England Test squad. I sang the song of the title to myself and it became an earworm for the day.

Apparently, the best way to defeat an earworm – that snatch of a song you can’t but help repeat – is to sing the song to the end.

In the past, not having a copy of Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc on me would have been a problem. I’d have had to find a shop, get a copy of a 10cc CD, and skip through all the tracks until I came to the song. Today I clicked on Amazon music and it played in moments.

If someone wants some performance support in work to finish off a little activity, are you going to send them a 5 element traditional eLearning course which they’ll skip through to find the bit they need? We’re not in a place where CDs are en vogue any more and your learning offer needs to reflect that.


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