Double the effort

When I started running, a mile was a challenge. My first mile was slow and painful and I hated it. It was cold and dark and I felt incredibly self-conscious plodding down the road

Then I got the hang of it. I started running more regularly and began to run 5k (3.1 miles) on a consistent basis. It was an even distance which I could manage. I got the hang of it. 5k had become comfortable and so I started running 10k (6.2miles).

Doing my first ever 10k was an emotional experience and a moment I’ll never forget, finishing in the Olympic stadium.

10k has now become a comfortable distance for me now and I’ll run it in the morning before work. I got the hang of it.

Running a half marathon (13.1 miles/21km) isn’t comfortable. I ran one a few weeks ago which was painful, challenging and downright horrible. A little later I ran one which was great.

I haven’t got the hang of it but those incremental steps, each taken as the effort is doubled, are getting me there.

If someone has to double their effort to demonstrate their performance at work and incremental change, make sure you demonstrate to them that you’ve noticed and are supporting them.

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