If you’re reading this on my blog…

…and came straight here then you’re in a minority. I started publishing blogs on a daily basis at the start of November and, as I’ve always done, connected them to Twitter and LinkedIn.

What I’ve noticed is that there are substantially more views on LinkedIn than here. 3x more people will read this on there than here.

But it doesn’t matter. LinkedIn isn’t a channel I connect with on a regular basis and if you’re reading it there, that’s fine. I don’t write here to collect views or visitors. What matters more to me is that this is my space right here. This is, as Harold Jarche says, my home base.

2 thoughts on “If you’re reading this on my blog…

  1. I stopped writing on LinkedIn in June 2017. I did not see any reason to write on another platform with no compensation. If I’m writing for free, I may as well do it for myself. In addition, LI is designed to keep you ‘in the moment’. It’s very difficult to find older articles. Even their ‘save’ function is not available on all posts. Anyway, I like following blogs via RSS. It just works.

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