Every day

…in every way, try and change a little.

I started adding a blog post every day a couple of weeks ago and it’s been an epiphany for me. I didn’t do it to chase views or connections; I’m always heartened when people want to connect with me and comment on my thoughts and ideas.

I did it to commit to make time (and space) to reflect on the issues which were causing me to do heavy thinking. It’s so easy to sweat the small stuff and focus on the trivial and ignore the meaningful interactions. This makes me look for the insightful each day and the impactful experiences. It does mean I’ll be sending stuff like this to your inbox every day though so please feel free to unsubscribe.

It’s not going to change the world, but it’s changing me (I hope) for the better. I’m more reflective and actively seek out thoughts and events which require consideration.

If it can cause a ripple in the world too? That’s not a bad thing.

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