The new normal

When I was a kid, the thought of jetpacks, flying cars, and video communicators being available in the future was a tantalising and encouraging fantasy. Now that we’re IN my future, one out of three isn’t too great I’d guess.

The future was framed as the fantastic; there would be technology to ease everything we did. Now we’re here, it feels like we were oversold and under-delivered to.

In the past, digital transformation was seen as something new and exciting. Now, all transformation seems to be digital as digital has become the current state.

Digital is the new normal and change in the digital space is constant and pervasive. Was it ever anything else?

Against this backdrop, the risk of oversold and under-delivered becomes even more likely.

2 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. Are we still not at the early stages of digital as normal? The last 10 years alone have seen mobile phone tech and capability explode beyond recognition from the first mobile phones 20 years ago.

    Looked at another way, the factories of today are significantly advanced beyond the factories of the early 1900s.

    I reckon we will have the future as promised, it’ll just be over a longer timeframe than we may have been sold.


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