Let me just record that

The date of the webinar is in your calendar. You’ve looked at the cover notes and are keen to join it.

5 minutes before the event, you’re called into an urgent activity so miss the start.

When you sort the immediate issue, you’ve missed half so you decide to watch the recording.

But you never do – why re-watch a recorded webinar? At 30 minutes or more, it’s become a TV programme now. The activity of engaging with speakers and other attendees has been lost and it’s going to have to have some pretty amazing content to justify that time from you now.

Value comes from the conversation and interaction, not the passive content.

2 responses to “Let me just record that

  1. Absolutely. But a podcast is recorded to be listened to when it suits the user. A webinar, by its nature, is on a set date and time. Once that date has passed, it’s a very different beast.


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