I can tell it’s the start of the conference season as I start to get more LinkedIn connection requests. At the moment it’s 2 a day and that will increase to 5 or 6 once the momentum of the season starts.

Speaking at events attracts a different kind of connection. In addition to the requests from the people exhibiting, I also get requests from people, generally younger, early in their learning careers.

Yet I decline 90% of the requests I get. Mostly it’s because people won’t tell me the WHY for the request.

LinkedIn isn’t a Panini sticker album.

One thought on “Connections

  1. Love this Andrew, I ask those specific questions when anyone asks to connect just in case it wasn’t obvious you can send a note with you request.

    I just haven’t taken the choice of deleting/refusing when there’s no answer, which I might think about changing.

    That last line is spot on. Not about collection connections. It’s avpir meaningful ones.


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