Read my lips

I saw that Towards Maturity were running a webinar on Friday. Jo Cook presented a screenshot of one of the slides (above).

The ‘extreme’ concerns come from L&D people and it begs two questions:

  • Why aren’t the concerns of the business the concerns of L&D?
  • Why should the business take L&D seriously if L&D isn’t prioritising the business concerns?

I accept that L&D needs to develop itself and the concerns above may be business issues – if L&D readiness is a business concern you need to move pretty quickly.

Four years ago I wrote about navel gazing; worrying about what are, generally, internal factors doesn’t do the L&D function any service.

2 thoughts on “Read my lips

  1. Andrew, I get what you’re saying & agree. At the same time the context of the slide could mean that these concerns were named because people needed to share from an L&D perspective. If they’d have been asked about their concerns at work they may well have brought up points about the corporate culture in their business, the need to change the sales strategy or avoid bankruptcy. These would have been unique to them though & wouldn’t necessarily be a starting point for a discussion with other L&D folk. #LDInsight faces a similar challenge. By its nature the question needs to be one that is relevant to a good number of L&D professionals and from time to time that can lead to accusations of navel gazing.


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