Stop this right now

My son had a headache yesterday. So, like any responsible parents, we held him down and trepanned him to remove the evil spirits. Afterwards, he was bloodlet and he seems fine today although a little quieter.

What? That’s not the way things are done? But these are historical practices, with centuries of use, which people in the past have found to be beneficial. The link to evidence of their benefit for treating headaches isn’t there but they’re a good way to start the conversation about good headache management. If you disagree, it’s because you’ve not been trepanned in the right way, or the wrong context was applied to when the bloodletting happened.

Look at this:

Just stop. If you’re doing this just consider how removed from the business you are with your activity and think about the reputation of the learning function. I wrote about how a tweet went viral about MBTI the other month; why, as Steve Wheeler points out, won’t these legends die?

If you don’t agree with this stuff, call it out. #ItStartsWithMe

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