First draft

Image by Laura Lake from Pixabay

I found my first ever blog post yesterday. It wasn’t on here; it was on another platform which I’d tried out and didn’t like. I set this site up as a result.

I’ve re-read it a dozen times and I’m still cringing. It won’t be published but it’s interesting to hear the voice in it is the same that I use now. The narrative – LnD innovation – is the same as now. The relatively short form of 97 words is the same as now.

The topic was gamification – are we STILL talking about it?

I’ve some fondness for it since, for me at least, it’s the genesis of the term #ItStartsWithMe (for me at least)

8 years on and I’m still writing; maybe Hemmingway was right and the first draft of anything is s**t.

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