What grinds my gears – vendors

With the Festival of Work next week, it’s time for the next in the occasional series…

I know you have a job to do but so do I. If I haven’t responded, it could be for lots of reasons but the most likely is I’m too busy.

Stop ‘leveraging’ X to improve Y. Not everything is a lever which multiplies force.

Tell the truth simply. If I ask if your widget can do 1, 2, 3, don’t tell me it can do 1, 50/25, and 6/2 as well as 4/1.

Unsubscribe is my friend and I use it. A lot.

Your product is almost certainly not unique; it’s likely to be Mexican food.

I’m an individual – don’t send me marketing emails addressed to <Name>,Surname>

Don’t. Add. Me. On. LinkedIn. And. Then. Sell. At. Me. Within. A. Few. Hours. Of. Connecting.

Yes I’m coming to the exhibition. Yes I’ll come to your stand. I’m REALLY unlikely to commit to buy anything from that event so use the opportunity to build a relationship with me. That means informally before and after.

I know what innovation is so don’t call your product or service innovative if it’s not.

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