I used to ask for comments on blog posts, but when I started blogging more regularly, I stopped.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want feedback but the nature of blogging has changed; this was eruditely put by David Hopkins yesterday.

If I want, I can see how many people read this blog and, via LinkedIn, who they are. If I sought comments, it seems LinkedIn is the place to go – people are keener to comment there than anywhere else (including Twitter).

If people comment via the blog, the audience for their comments would be smaller. If they comment on LinkedIn, more people are likely to see it. Are people commenting on a more public platform to show their engagement with the content?

Do comments matter? Not especially although I appreciate the conversations. Feedback is great but I don’t write this blog for other people – this blog is to record my thoughts. It works like another brain where I can metaphorically stretch out. If people want to feed back they’re more than welcome – the fact posts are public means anyone can ‘shout over the wall’ and comment if they wish.

However, I tend to get more feedback offline, away from the SoMe channels than online. And that makes me happy, if only because it shows that the channel doesn’t necessarily matter.

Care to comment?

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