A week of posts

Someone asked me how I can write new things daily. We talked about how I get ideas and inspirations – this is the summary of last week.

Monday’s post came from reading yet another article on what leaders need to do to be effective. I did a brief count up and found just over 100 articles published in the last month which were all saying the same thing. I asked myself what the outcome might be that these articles were expecting, and that’s where the idea of followship came to be. It wrote itself as a stream of consciousness after I’d had the initial thought

On Tuesday, the post about the library came from a story in my RSS reader. Feedly is a great tool to discover new information and the story of a library, breaking convention but still offering the opportunity to borrow 20 items, seemed innocuous at first. The limit made me think about the parameters we place on people in workplace learning and how a traditional resource – libraries – are adapting to the modern world.

Wednesday’s post was from a typo. I had been responding to an email and had written budget ‘proved’ instead of ‘approved’. The idea of proving budget with time is something I’ve considered before, and I thought it’d be of interest to work up as an indirect cost.

I was listening to the Adam Buxton podcast the other day. In a conversation with Chris Morris, they mentioned Top Trumps. I immediately thought about how competencies would be Top Trumps if they were scored. LnD is often tasked with supporting underperformance and Thursday’s post came from extending that thought. It does beg the idea of what LnD Top Trumps would be.

Friday’s blog post was the shortest to write but took the longest to edit. I had been in a session at work earlier in the week about nudges. This made me think about the language we use in learning. It was originally a longer post but I realised what I needed to remember was the element of instruction. Capitalising the instructions in the post worked.

That’s how I write a new post every day. Content comes from a range of sources and all I do is tumble it about a bit. And this post? It came from the ask about how I write.

Look for the opportunities and the sparks are there.

One thought on “A week of posts

  1. I really like the idea of sharing what prompted your posts. That sort fo meta learning is really useful, as is the inclination to pay attention to even what appear to be mundane things happening in our lives.


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