3 thoughts on “Movies

  1. I was surprised at how much this made me think, and realise things.
    I go to the theatre. I go to the cinema, although less.
    Not for the flesh-and-blood thing.
    Cinema allows for a more flash-bang-wallop, action-packed, full of visual and auditory noise. Theatre (as a rule) less so, which I prefer.
    The same could be said for some digital learning. Clicky-clicky-bling-bling.
    Recently, I saw Green Book. It was the most incredible bit of drama I’ve seen in a long while, and I appreciated not having to be part of a privileged (relative) few who were able to make a theatre / day / time when it was being staged. I appreciated it being available to a much wider audience, where I could attend at a time to suit me.
    If I can’t make Thursday at 2:30 when Gary is putting on that amazing critical thinking session, tough. Thank goodness he’s created a digital version.


      1. Very true. Maybe he was just having a bad day, and is now forever destined to be quoted thus! I wonder how often that happens.

        I hesitate to apply the Ockham’s Razor theory in this case, but maybe it really is at least partly a case of the adage: “e-learning isn’t bad; bad e-learning is bad”.


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