What grinds my gears – home working experts

Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

Another in the series when I have a little vent.

Just because you have a book on one topic about working from home, doesn’t make you an expert on ALL topics about working from home.

I’m pleased your home office is set up well with a lock on the door, DSE compliant screens and a 5-point adjustable chair; there will be many people working from a coffee table and the sofa.

Having a shower, dressing in work clothes and going for a 10 minute walk round the block as a ‘commute’ might help you but don’t expect the world to do the same. There are home PJs and work PJs for a reason.

I’ve been working like this for 20 years – please, do tell me how to maintain ‘office discipline’. And just what is that anyway?

Of course we all brush our hair, check our face for stray food and put a clean top on before video calls – except when the whole family are indoors and using the WiFi to play PS4, watch streaming video and listen to streamed music. Video doesn’t work so well then.

I’m glad you listen to radio 3 or speech radio on a low volume. I’ll be bashing this out because it gives me energy:

If I get distracted while working in a house full of people, I WILL be logging on late in the day or early in the morning and skewing the 9-5 curve. I have done for the last 2 decades and you won’t stop me now.

Embracing your work channel because it organises things well might be great for you, but if everyone else is locked down in Teams and e-mail, they won’t see your planning masterclasses.

7 thoughts on “What grinds my gears – home working experts

  1. Torn on this one.

    I agree with you and think most people will find what works for them and their organisations given the level of work that can actually be done (which will vary by industry, etc).

    However, I am also surprised how disorientated friends and family are with the concept. In these cases some tips and tricks do seem to actually be helpful as it has been new to them. Perhaps just the fear of the unknown for the first few days?

    Genuinely think those who have had recent experience of being home – due to illness, unemployment or just wfh as standard can help but, yes, the “experts” spouting ideas are grinding my gears too.


  2. Thanks for your comment Ian. I understand your point about this being ‘new’ to people but, as LnD professionals, the idea of just throwing content at people new to an activity should be the last way we approach the work.


  3. Spot on Andrew. I’ve been a home worker for 20 years but didn’t realise there are ‘work PJs’! What have I been missing? My office discipline is restricting myself to 4 coffees.


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