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For over 20 years, in different roles, I’ve been lucky enough to have the flexibility to work from home. I’ve rarely worked in co-working spaces because employers have both a) deemed the work to be confidential and b) locked down systems to specific devices and access points. The pandemic and lockdowns increased the number of people working like this and employers have had to make it easier for people to log in and work from different places.

The jury is still out about how long this form of working will continue with the debate raging.

With this way of working likely to be maintained for some time we’re likely to see the use of home working continued. I’ve been able to set up space indoors but there are many who would seek an alternative space. When Sukh Pabial asked me to check out the space he’d built in Epping I decided to spend a few hours there.

I’ve never been a fan of co-working spaces because they’ve felt uninviting and sterile. Sukh and his team are working hard to break this perception. The space they have isn’t defined by the desks and chairs, but the greeting, environment and atmosphere which are friendly and very comfortable.

I’m keen to see how Sukh and the team move this forward. I’ll definitely be back.

(Full disclosure – I was asked to visit the Epping Connection at no cost but the decision to write a blog post and the content are all mine independently)

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