Clear eyes, full hearts…

Photo by omar alnahi from Pexels

Can’t lose according to Friday Night Lights, a drama about US High School football.

My eyes are clear and I see exactly what Paul Jocelyn is picking up on here. I once heard integrity described as eyes, mouth and feet all pointing in the same direction. In the job description Paul identifies, I have a feeling they’re not really aligned. Looking one way, saying another thing, moving in a third, different direction.

Full hearts? I have faith, however tested it may be at times. I have a full heart on the premise that someone, somewhere in the chain, knew enough about what they wanted, to include the transformational elements in the advert.

Can’t lose? We’ll see. I remember asking about that role a week or so ago and was told there were “hundreds of applicants”.

One has to ask though, how far will you compromise your values to work for an organisation which doesn’t display integrity?


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