How rude

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Apparently I’m rude.

I was asked to connect with someone on LinkedIn to ‘stay in the loop of my thoughts’. I am always happy to engage with people who want to discuss moving LnD forward which is why I accepted their invitation.

The next day, they sent me marketing message.

I don’t conduct commercial activity via LinkedIn; working extensively in the public sector means procurement and purchasing activity needs to be transparent. If this person’s organisation wanted to bid for a tender, I’d have to declare previous conversations, etc.

This is why I don’t undertake commercial activity on LinkedIn- it is to protect suppliers – and me – from any suggestions of impropriety in future procurement.

I told the person I don’t undertake commercial activity on LinkedIn.

Apparently, that’s rude.

One thought on “How rude

  1. An interesting response, from a representative of an organisation that I daresay you’ll think twice about engaging with in future, whether through public sector accountable processes or otherwise.

    People baffle me sometimes.

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