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Today is international Women’s Day 2021. You’ll know this because there will be dozens of articles, blogs, tweets and pieces extolling the virtues of women and why it’s important that women are supported.

The theme this year is #ChooseToChallenge.

I’d like to ask you to follow through using the rule of 10.

In 10 days time, ask what the organisations who today, are asking you to challenge, are still doing. In 10 days time choose to challenge those using #IWD2021 to market themselves to show you what they are still doing. If they’re using speakers for events today, are they following through. if not, ask why not.

In 10 weeks time, follow through and #choosetochallenge by asking those same organisations and people for examples of the structural, process, and actions they’ve changed. Do the same 10 weeks later. And 10 weeks later again. If they’re still talking about behaviours changing, that on its own won’t bring about change.

In 10 months time, #choosetochllenge by asking what impact their actions have had. Ask for the data that supports what they’ve done.

International Women’s Day shouldn’t be a day; use it as a catalyst for sustained change by following through.

3 thoughts on “#IWD2021

  1. […] As I said last year, you’ll see dozens of posts, stories and marketing from organisations about how they’ll be challenging bias. This year, expect to see people holding their arms in a cross as if they’re at an X-Men convention. What that will do is create content for the organisations involved and add a tick in their corporate social responsibility reporting. […]


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