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I was reading Lior Locher’s latest book over the weekend. In it, they talk about mending and the need to ‘do the do’.

You want to be a writer? Write stuff. You want to be an entrepreneur? Spend some time exploring that opportunity, learn more about evaluating opportunities, join that networking event, keep your books up to date, sort out that snag on your website. Put something out and see who bites, and see if you can find a few more. This is the work.

The DIY Phoenix – Lior Locher

You want to be a learning professional? Always be learning. Always be professional. This is the work.

One thought on “Be professional

  1. In the world of IT and technology, “always be learning” is running to stay still. One has to continuously learn to keep up to date with the latest news, products and software upgrades. If you don’t, you’ll get left behind.

    Anyone still using SuperCalc ? Or Lotus 1-2-3 ?


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