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I’ve been shaving my face for the last 35+ years. It’s familiar – the creases change occasionally but I know how hard to press, where the skin is more sensitive, etc.

I still, though, miss one spot. It’s on the corner of one of my lips and, without fail, I miss it. Every time. It’s not uncommon for me to purchase a cheap razor to get rid of it when I feel it halfway through the day.

It’s more than a blind spot; my shaving technique that has been honed many thousands of times so I accommodate the mistakes. To re-learn a new way to shave is not going to happen, a reminder note on the mirror wouldn’t last – I don’t shave often enough – so HOW exactly do you solve a performance issue like this?

The same happens in the workplace; people have mature processes and behaviours and to try and re-train people to do something differently to rectify a barely noticeable gap seems to take up a lot of time for learning professionals.

One thought on “Familiarity

  1. a reminder note on the mirror wouldn’t last

    Interesting when you wonder around offices how many workstations are covered in “post-it” notes ; does anyone ever read them ?


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