Hedonic purchases

Photo by Mister Mister on Pexels.com

I was reading an article about which online channels to use to best engage with customers and came across the term hedonic goods. They’re described as follows:

Hedonic goods are consumed for luxury purposes, which are desirable objects that allow the consumer to feel pleasure, fun, and enjoyment from buying the product


When we make hedonic purchases we tend to make emotional and impulsive decisions that come from a fun experience, with simple but engaging design. We become attached to certain brands and sometimes look at competing products to justify our purchase of our favourites.

It led me to ask myself, why are we marketing learning resources as a hedonic product when, for many people, they’re a utilitarian way to achieve learning?

2 thoughts on “Hedonic purchases

  1. ‘My answer/response’ is that we want people to learn, and we want them to find it a positive experience. So we design with hedonism in mind. Why should the need to learn be utilitarian (or plain, or boring)?


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