Marketing sucks

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I’ve mentioned how marketing needs to improve a few times before but here’s yet another example.

I connected with someone on LinkedIn with an interesting profile, who, a couple of days later, then started a sales pitch. I declined, they came back, I declined again. Their response :

No problems Andrew. Completely understand. Great to connect anyway and be part of your network. Thanks, Pxxxr

Anonimised connection – 18th August 2021

I got the following message, from the same person on Monday:

Hi Andrew – thanks for the connection.

We have helped training providers like yourself by providing them with the opportunity to bring their expertise to a wider audience and letting their content do more work for them through Exxxxxe.

We can help you to get your training content up and running on our system in no time. You can store, manage and distribute learning content as well as measure individual learning. It’s the perfect way to enrich your offering and reach more customers. There’s no risk as you only pay when you have customers on board!

We would love to give you a quick demo to explore how it can help you to expand your business – when would be a good time for you?

Thanks, Pxxxr

Anonimised connection – 23rd August 2021

What’s the best way to approach this?

I considered naming and shaming but that adds noting to the conversation and creates friction when no friction is required. I could go back to the person directly, making no public comment, but that just informs the person on a binary basis. So I went this way.

*Edit – After I drafted, edited, and scheduled this post I checked back through my messages and the sender had deleted their message. No comment, no apology, no acknowledgment that they’d sent me a second message.

Be better.

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