Lies, damned lies and data

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On Monday this week, there was a noticeable uplift in the number of downloads of the Women Talking About Learning podcast. It stood out because it was unusual; new episodes are published on a Tuesday.

A quick investigation of the podcast statistics and it became clear it wasn’t lots of listens of the most recently published episode – the Podcast one (which is excellent by the way) – but was single downloads of 23 episodes.

I can’t ‘prove’ it was the same person downloading the single episodes, but we recognise that when people become engaged with a podcast, they work their way back through previous episodes.

This is the level of data we should be able to pull on within organisations.

Imagine that someone in your organisation had accessed 23 pieces of content about harassment, inclusion, grievance and booking time off sick.

What would you be doing right now?

One thought on “Lies, damned lies and data

  1. What would you be doing right now?

    Giving careful thought to the situation and how to find out the facts – certainly not charging in or jumping to conclusions.

    As far as the podcast is concerned, I have this set up as a RSS feed in Outlook, and the latter is telling me that I have twelve unopened items in my WTAL folder. These will be downloaded in about ten days’ time, in anticipation of a forthcoming trip. I don’t tend to listen to podcasts at home, but periodically put them onto my ‘phone for listening to in the car, on the train or in the likes of Starbucks when I am away. .

    Everyone is different. That’s why, on your HR point, you need to move cautiously. Your hypothetical person who has accessed 23 pages of content might just be preparing a job application !


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