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Something that is great about the Women Talking About Learning podcast is the number of men who get in touch and tell me how much they enjoy listening to it. As we approach the 1st anniversary of the podcast, it seems the right time to give men a chance to air their thoughts.

For a new episode, we would like male listeners to send in short clips -3 minutes or so – talking about the podcast. What does Women Talking About Learning mean to you? What have you learnt from listening to the episodes that you didn’t know before? What’s been your favourite episode? What is missing from the podcast that you, as a man, want to know about?

If you have a comment, please send it to us as a mp3 file to You don’t have to make it brilliant in recording quality – a recording on your phone is all that’s required. But we must have it by Friday 22nd October. That gives you 3 weeks to get it to us. You can be anonymous if you wish, you can say what you like – swearing and libellous comments excluded – as long as you tell us what the podcast means to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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