Where to aim

Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com

I wrote two posts last week about the changes to learning practice that we need to implement.

The first was about hybrid learning and included some definitions and explanation. The second was a list of things that you might want to consider instead of courses.

The first post was pretty popular – it was viewed steadily throughout the day but had few comments or reflections. The second post was seen by about three times as many people and created more commentary and conversation.

Admittedly, the first post required reflection and more critical thought whilst the second was a simple list of alternatives to training courses.

To make it popular, should we aim for the simple?

2 thoughts on “Where to aim

  1. It’s a question a lot of people need to consider, and for many I suspect it’ll require a fundamental change in mindset. If we’re taking the easy option and measuring from happy sheets and course bookings, then surely we’re not seeing true worth.

    Cake is popular, but is it doing us any good?!


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