Press releases

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I seem to have been added to a couple of mailing lists and receive a few press releases every week now.

I recognise them as press releases now and rarely open them. Of the ones I do, they’re not great reading.

Templated to within an inch of their life, they all follow a specific structure:

  • BIG Title – often a question
  • Capitalised headline to ‘catch’ your attention – ALL THE CAPITALS to MAKE you PAY ATTENTION
  • Some contextual ‘facts’ backed up with % – usually a self-funded survey with a tiny sample size
  • Quotes – has to be 2, usually 3
  • If you want to know more – and a link.

I get it. People expect a templated email so that’s what gets sent. I get the challenge of crafting the right words takes time. I get that people are vying for people’s attention long enough to click a link.

When you’re marketing your in house learning, are you just filling an expected approach?

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