Before times

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If you’re commenting on workplace learning, you need to make sure you can differentiate between the before and after times. The before time is pre-pandemic. A time when, although were were living in a VUCA world (shudder), there were still certainties at play in respect of workplaces, working hours, roles, and culture.

The time after is post-pandemic. A place where location and work time have been thrown up in the air and a dozen different voices, saying a dozen different things are trying to get your attention.

You can’t rely on before time research as you did before. I saw an article quoting a survey talking about how people aged 15-21 felt about stress. That was from 2018; the respondents will now be 19-25 and will have studied and worked through lockdowns.

There’s value in this research but use it as a basis to find out what’s happening now, don’t just use it to justify the way you want to do things.

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